Vikings! Are you READY to take over Solana? Chaaaarge!

PixelValhalla® − collection of 5000 unique PixelValhalla Vikings.

Each Viking is unique and created randomly by the algorithm. Valkyries lowered a collection straight from Valhalla into the Metaverse of the Solana Blockchain Network. Vikings will concentrate all their forces on protecting the Metaverse.
A long time ago, in the cold Scandinavian land, lived a Viking named Gutrif. He was raised in a simple farmer's family. From a young age, he hated everything their leaders did dishonestly.
The story of this legendary Konong reached us through years and in the name of Odin we want you to know about Him. In this collection, you can see the representation of Gutrif and his warriors.
Once, Gutrif and his army reached a new land. After traveling for a long time on drakars, the soldiers were exhausted. The army needed rest, but the enemy never slept. They attacked the Great Viking Army and defeated it. Konong Gutrif, as always, was in the lead, and he was killed first. The army was furious. They battled like demons, but almost everyone died. Only a few could survive and come back to their motherland. As soon as Gutrif and his army reached Valhalla, all Gods met them as heroes! They feasted with the Gods and they were happy in Valhalla. But one-day Ragnarok came to Valhalla and Gods sent Gutrif and his Great Army to the new Metaverse to defend it and spread the word about Valhalla and Gods.
They took the biggest part of the raided treasures and didn't help the simple people who fought for them. His reputation as a fair man had been established since he was a young child who always helped those who needed it. With time, honesty, and ambition, he achieved the highest respect in all Viking communities and was placed as Konong of all Konongs. The way for such status was rough. Many people tried to fool and kill him, but he was smarter and wiser than his enemies. He defeated all his enemies to defend his people's interests. His goal wasn't simple, but he knew the reason he should stand at the head of people! He wanted to end all wars between his people and put all effort into agriculture and a better life for every person he stood behind.
Create PixelValhala social media to build a sizeable community and share the existence of our project with as many people as possible. Platforms: Twitter, Discord, Youtube.
Create all social media profiles, launch website 2022 Q1
Vikings are going to be the first raid party in PixelValhalla, which is going to raid countries and cities with Konong Gutrif.
Collection #1 of PixelValhalla universe First Gen Vikings 2022 Q1
We will start producing the first episodes of PixelValhalla animated movie. There you will see the Konong Gutrif story of reaching the highest place in the Viking community.
First episodes of animated PixelValhalla Movie 2022 Q1
Trade will start as soon as minting is over. Secondary markets we will be listed on: MagicEden. Rarity charts will deploy on our Website and Discord. Also on Solrarity.
Listing on Secondary Markets / Listing for Rarity 2022 Q1
We will start producing full TV series with longer episode times and better graphics.
PixelValhalla Full Animated TV Series 2022 Q2
MetaValhalla Streaming will start developing. On MetaValhalla, we will sell membership for Streaming Service where you will find our animated movies such as PixelValhalla and other future projects. We will work with other Animated Movies studios to be placed on our Streaming Service. Every holder will get a percentage from our membership sales.
MetaValhalla Streaming Website Developing 2022 Q3
Announce mint date and place where the mint is going to be.
Announce PixelValhalla mint date 2022 Q1
Valkyries are going to be second citizens in PixelValhalla. Everyone who holds PixelValhalla® Vikings will be placed on the whitelist.
Collection #2 of PixelValhalla universe: Second Gen Valkyries 2022 Q3
As soon as the listing will be released, all our holders will take part in DAO and decide the future of the project. Also, our holders will take part in future whitelists for the Gen2 PixelValhalla collection. Holders will decide future movie scripts.
Whitelist and DAO for PixelValhalla holders 2022 Q1
The final version of PixelValhalla Streaming. With many other studios, cartoons, and anime.
MetaValhalla® Streaming Launch 2022 Q3
Collection #3 - TOP SECRET
MetaValhalla − unique Streaming Service on Solana Blockchain
The first project we will represent is PixelValhalla! PixelValhalla collection of unique PixelValhalla Vikings lowered by Valkyries into the Metaverse of the Solana Blockchain Network. In this animated movie, you will learn the story of the Greatest Konong of all Konongs, King Gutrif!
All new episodes you will find on our discord server!
Project Manager
Art Designer
Brann ( Ilja ) Information
When I was a child, I became fascinated with art. I studied art for five years and took part in various competitions. Afterward, I studied digital art. Photoshop, video creation, Adobe After Effects, etc. Andrej called me not so long ago and suggested an interesting idea involving NFTs. That piqued my interest, and here we are. I am happy that I learned about NFTs so early, and I am part of such a great team!
Herleif ( Andrej ) Information
Last year, I graduated from an IT college and went to an IT university. Throughout my career, I promoted people and projects in many fields of SMM. My work included creating websites and writing programs. Since 2019, I have been trading cryptocurrency in my spare time. Since Max told me about NFTs last spring, I began to think about this more seriously. I had no idea what it was and why it was so popular before that. I understood when Max explained his idea that this is the future, and it took us a year to come up with an idea for a complete project.
xX.Ari.Xx ( Max ) Information
My journey to NFT began on YouTube. Since 2017th, I have been creating content constantly and gain more than 100.000 subscribers, and that's how I have earned my first money from the Internet. Over the years, I have tried a lot of things, from creating an Instagram community with 40,000+ people, to releasing my music on Spotify. I've also been successful in running game servers. As soon as I made my first dollar, I learned and invested in cryptocurrency. Now I have my mining farm that I built myself. I found out about NFTs in 2021. We are ready to repeat our past results of success.
What is PixelValhalla?
PixelValhalla - collection of unique PixelValhalla Vikings. Every Viking is unique and created randomly by the algorithm. A collection straight from Valhalla was lowered by Valkyries into the Metaverse of the Solana Blockchain Network. Vikings will concentrate all their forces on the protection of the Metaverse.
When will be your 2nd gen collection?
Where are you listed?
What is the total supply?
5000 NFTs
Which blockchain will we be on?
Solana Blockchain
When your full animated movie will be released?
Check our socials
When your streaming service will be launched?
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